The Hill: Dems seek to delay Obamacare repeal vote on Friday

The Senate is expected to vote Friday on legislation to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, and it appears the Democrats are poised to hold a filibuster.

Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., said Friday he would introduce a measure that would delay the repeal vote by a week until the Senate could address the issue of the GOP’s bill.

“If the president doesn’t do what he said, he can’t get this done.

We’ve got to wait until the end of the week and we can do this,” Franken told reporters.

If the Senate votes on the AHCA on Friday, Democrats would need 50 votes to pass it.

They have just 51 Republicans to break the tie.

Democrats have also threatened to block any bill that would repeal the ACA, saying that if Republicans fail to pass a replacement they could use the reconciliation process to pass the bill.

They argue that Republicans will not have the votes to do that.

Senators are split on whether to allow a vote on the bill Friday.

Sen. Claire McCaskill, D (Mo.), said she believes that the Senate should vote on repeal as soon as possible.

“I think there are a lot of people that think it should happen as soon, but it’s not a simple vote,” McCaskillo said.

Democrats are not expecting a swift vote, but the delay is a possibility, with some lawmakers saying they expect the bill to be passed by the end, if not before.

“The White House and the Republicans will want to do everything they can to keep the momentum going and keep the debate going.

I think we have to take it on as soon and as fast as possible,” Sen. Chuck Schumer, D(N.Y.), said on CNN.

Seniors and families are worried about the impact of the AHC, and the House bill is expected at least partially to help those with pre-existing conditions.

The AHCA would make coverage for people with pre, post-existing medical conditions available starting in 2020, but would allow people with the most serious medical conditions to stay on the Obamacare insurance program until they have a plan approved by the government.

Senranjayan said the Senate would vote on a bipartisan replacement on Friday.

He said that if the Senate passes the AHCC, he expects to bring it to the floor for a vote next week, though the Senate is not expected to take up the bill until at least mid-May.

Senegal said he believes the AHRC will be the most comprehensive replacement for the ACA.

Sen.(D-N.J.), who is running for reelection in a district that was decimated by the storm, said the replacement will cover all Americans.

Senans efforts to replace the ACA could be hampered by the AHACA, which he has called a “big government disaster.”

Senans healthcare proposal could be a political liability.

Senanions healthcare plan could be hit by a lawsuit from the American Medical Association, which represents many doctors and other healthcare professionals who oppose the ACA in its current form.

Senarianian said the American Healthcare Act would have “unintended consequences” for doctors and medical workers.

Senarians healthcare plan is facing criticism from conservatives, including Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., who said he doesn’t think it would go far enough to help millions of people.

“This is a plan that I think is going to be very unpopular with the American people,” Paul said Friday.

“We need a plan in which people are insured, people are protected, and we don’t have a bunch of special interests out there who are going to take over health care.”

Senanians plan is also facing a lawsuit that could potentially make it illegal to deny coverage to people who are sick and need medical care.

The suit was filed in February by a group of doctors and their clients who say the plan discriminates against them because of their medical condition.

The lawsuit seeks to overturn the law by establishing a standard for determining who qualifies as a pre-existing condition.

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