The Fox Auto Parts Dealership in Kanpur is an old-school auto parts store with a modern twist

Kanpur: Kanpur auto parts shop in Kanpatti is a relic from the golden age of auto parts manufacturing.

“We are a very old auto parts place, it is old-fashioned,” says Arun Kumar, co-owner of Fox Auto parts in Kanpai.

The shop was built in 1947 by his father, who was a veteran auto parts manufacturer in Delhi.

“The shop was used to assemble new vehicles,” he says.

The shop is part of a new era in Kanpun auto parts.

In a move that is part and parcel of the growing number of Indian companies that are opening up shop in India, the country’s largest auto parts maker is now offering its own brand of auto products.

“They are the first company in the country to offer a full line of products including parts for cars and trucks,” says R.J. Vaidya, a senior analyst at market research firm IDC.

The first two products Fox plans to launch in the next two years will be for its trucks and SUVs.

“Our focus is on building up the business,” says Vaidyan, who says Fox is looking to become a part of the Indian auto industry.

“It is about bringing products to the market and expanding our product portfolio.”

The first Fox Auto products will be sold in the UK, but Vaidy says the company is also exploring other markets.

“Fox Auto is not alone in offering parts for vehicles,” says Sushil Bhan, managing director at research firm J.D. Power.

“There are other players like the Ford Motor Company, BMW, Mercedes Benz and even the Hyundai brand.”

Fox Auto has more than 400 employees in Kanpalas factory.

“Kanpur is known for its auto industry, and we are doing well,” says Kumar.

He says the business has grown at double-digit growth in the past few years.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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