How to make a smart-phone case for your car

Auto parts giant Salvo AutoParts is offering a smart phone case that you can put on your vehicle without even buying a phone.

The case is a great way to look good without buying a smartphone.

It can be put on in seconds, says CEO and cofounder Amitabh Bachchan.

“It’s just as smart as a phone, but you can get the same look, feel and functionality.

You can get it on your phone in less than 15 seconds.”

It also can save you money.

You don’t have to buy a phone case to get a smart watch or smart home device, says Sachin Jain, the head of global marketing and consumer insights at Salvo.

The case comes with a protective case that has been tested and verified by Salvo, and has been optimized for smart watches, smartphones and other gadgets.

The only other thing is that it can fit around your vehicle, even when not on your seat.

The SmartWatch, SmartHome and SmartCarSmartWatch and SmartHome, as they’re now known, are smart watches with built-in GPS, wireless connectivity and built-ins for smart apps and services.

The smart watches have a range of features that will keep you connected with all your friends and family.

You’ll get a phone that has a built-on GPS and can send you location information.

You will also get a voice assistant that will respond to you and answer your questions.

SmartCarSmartCar is a smart car.

It’s a smart device, too.

The car’s built-out GPS navigation system gives you a detailed map of the world and lets you know where your friends are.

It also includes features like automatic parking, lane-keeping and adaptive cruise control.

And it’s smart about how it treats your gas money.

If you pay $20 for a $100 car, you’ll get $30 back in gas money and other perks.

You’re not paying $100 per month for a vehicle that has an estimated fuel economy of 17.4 miles per gallon.

(That’s what it says on the dashboard.)

SmartCar will work with smartphones, but it’s not going to be available on all smartphones.

Salvo is still developing the smart car apps that can work with Android phones.

“You have to get it onto your phone first.

Then you can try it out on your smartphone,” Bachchan said.

“But you won’t have a smartwatch.”

Saurav is the latest in a long line of smart watch companies that have entered the market with smart cars.

For years, companies like Apple and Google have been creating products that work well with smart phones, but are limited in their usefulness for a variety of reasons.

One reason is the fact that they’re hard to use.

When you open the car door, for instance, you have to pull out your phone.

There’s no way to use Siri to get directions or ask for help.

Another reason is that many smart cars have a “smart lock” that uses sensors and other technologies to lock the car and prevent thieves.

That technology isn’t always perfect, and even if you have a good lock, it can be tricky to unlock the car.

But in some markets, such as India, China and other emerging markets, these are the areas where a smart lock could have an important impact.

“The technology is mature, and is coming up fast,” said Dhananjay Chakraborty, a partner at venture capital firm Seedcamp.

“That will help us build better products that are more useful to consumers.”

A lot of these companies have tried to innovate on the smart watch market by using sensors in the cars and using smart home devices.

But the biggest challenge, at least for now, is how to make smart cars work with phones, not smart watches.

In India, there are about 1,500 car companies that make cars, and the smart-car market is expected to grow by about a third over the next 10 years.

If these companies can’t figure out how to connect their cars to phones, then there’s no guarantee that smart car companies will get there.

“It’s hard to imagine a world where we’re not connected,” Jain said.

The company is working on making its smart car software open source.

Salbo also plans to sell a smart home app that connects to phones and lets people control the lights in their homes, but Jain and his team are also working on building a smart TV.

But Salvo’s smart watch case is the company’s first attempt at creating a smart smart car that works with smartphones.

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