How the US is building the world’s most powerful military… and why we should care

By Tim Cairns, Fortune magazineA month ago, the US Air Force unveiled a new drone for the US military, the B-1B Lancer.

This was a major step forward for the new drone, and a step in a long-term plan to upgrade the Bison into a multirole combat aircraft.

A year and a half ago, we wrote about the US Army’s first unmanned air vehicle (UAV) that is intended to be able to carry both unmanned and manned payloads and has the capability to take off from aircraft carriers and fly at least 90 minutes in space.

In fact, the military says it has successfully flown and landed the first unmanned B-61, a Bison-like weaponized helicopter.

The B-41 has been in the air for a year now, and it was the first of a new batch of unmanned air vehicles (UACs) that will begin to be delivered in the coming years.

We’ve been reporting about the new B-51s, the first fully autonomous B-3s and the new F-35 stealth fighter, as well as the new Predator drone that will become the backbone of the US Navy’s next-generation strike force.

The new Bison is a key part of the Air Force’s long-range strategy to increase the lethality and survivability of the B1s, B2s, and B3s that are already in service, and make them available to the US forces in a way that makes them more agile, reliable, and cost effective.

The B-5 is an example of how the Air Department is taking a “full-spectrum” approach to the B51 and B-2 programs.

The Air Force plans to retire the B5 in 2021, and its replacement will be the B3, a much more capable version of the same plane.

The new drone is also designed to make use of some of the advanced software developed for the B7, which will replace the B2 in the Airforce’s future unmanned aerial vehicle fleet.

The drone is expected to be ready by 2021.

The air-traffic controllers on the B4 in mid-September were all-seeing and worried that the B6 would not fly as planned.

The FAA’s Office of Special Programs (OSS) has been working on software that will enable the drone to fly on its own and autonomously navigate its way around a congested airspace.

The software will also be able take off autonomously, land on the ground, and even use the internet to find its way home.

It will also have the ability to fly in a low-orbit configuration.

This is a milestone in the development of the next-gen drone, as it marks a major milestone in a program that is already nearly 20 years old.

The software for the first B-6 was developed in the 1980s, when the Air Corps was experimenting with a small unmanned aircraft, the F-86 Sabre.

The F-82 was a good first step, but the Sabre was a much simpler aircraft.

The Air Corps had to get creative in the future, and develop a smaller, lighter, cheaper, and more efficient plane that would replace the F/86.

The USAF’s B-4B was developed around this same timeframe.

It was also the first time a new airframe was designed to take on a single payload.

Today, the Air Service has the Airborne Laser Weapons System (ALWS), the Air Mobility Command’s (AWACS) Tactical Combat Aircraft (TCA) B-21, and the Air Combat Command’s F-15E Strike Eagle.

All three are capable of carrying payloads, but none are able to fly autonomously.

A new type of drone is emerging that will take advantage of the software that was developed to develop the B61, which can carry both manned and unmanned payloads.

The air force has been looking to take the next steps toward this next- generation drone, called the A-10 Thunderbolt II.

The A-20 Thunderbolt II is a single-seat, fixed-wing aircraft that is designed to carry an additional two people.

It has a crew of six, four of whom are pilots, and three are mechanics.

It is designed for high-altitude operations that require close-range precision strikes.

The A-8M Skyhawk is a fixed- wing aircraft that can carry up to six passengers.

It’s capable of taking off vertically and landing vertically, and can take off and land in a variety of flight modes.

The US Air Forces is working with Lockheed Martin on the new A-1, an unmanned combat aircraft that the Air force is developing to replace the A1B.

Lockheed Martin is developing the A6, an autonomous aircraft that will be capable of flying autonomously and autonomly navigating its way to and from the target.

The US Air Corps has also been working with Boeing to develop a drone that can fly autonomly and autonom

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